Hotspots and CLOUD act


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So, while aimlessly browsing on the internet, I came across something called the CLOUD act that was just passed. Wonderful that all the countries of the world share your personal information with each other without a warrant.

Hotspots apparently give away your emails, banking passwords, messaging etc to the guy sitting in the corner. Read the agreement at your next Hotspot, most state this and the fact that they collect all your info too if the guy in the corner with the laptop is slacking.

Enough. Signed up with ExpressVPN, have the app running on my phone, and my entire home internet connection. Have fun with my meaningless gobbledygook encrypted traffic and every governmental, or data collection agency can get stuffed

It's not about whether you are doing anything wrong, but the fact that they keep everything forever and use it in ways that you can't predict.

Just search CLOUD act and the "5 eyes" and "14 eyes" countries on google. What a mess. Oh, and your home isp collects everything you search for and say as well and sell the info. Its creepy
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