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It's a Team's Life Home Time


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On Time Media Staff
We choose to be away from home, and while the money was good, we decided to keep on trucking. The money we made was put to good use, and we will see the returns in our future. Luckily we are together, and with our tiny home on wheels (THOW) that makes us money, we worked hard, and we were comfortable.

This year 2021, has started out slow and while we enjoy running hard, we miss spending time with our family. Usually, we get by to see family often with our trucking business, and yet in 2020, that was not the case...



Veteran Expediter
Flying wouldn’t be worth it except for the short length of the trip. Even coast to coast only takes 5 hours or so. Imagine that trip on Greyhound; 4 days of no showers, hit-or-miss food, midnight-to-6:00 layovers in uncomfortable stations, all that.
No thanks. Even a lowly van is better than that, and that truck y’all have suddenly seems like a Cadillac in comparison

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