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Ok...Looking for some input here on Hino's. I'm thinking of buying one. Was wondering how all you Hino owners like them. What kind of MPG are you getting out of them??? How do they ride?? or what ever else you can share about them with me.

Thanks HoosierHllyBlly


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I don't have one to report on but if you do a search on Hino in the forums and archives you will find many threads discussing them.

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I drive a Hino 338 with AA 96" sleeper and 24 foot box, gets about 8 mpgs, with the automatic. We have over 80k miles on it with no troubles at all. I don't have any complaints about the truck at all.

Hino dealers are mostly a disapointment though, if you deal with Nally in Atlanta or any Kenworth/Hino dealer you'll be all right. See post concerning the Rush truck centers.

I purchased my truck from Churneys, overall I am pleased with it.