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Mechanical Hino wiring diagram


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Gregg, I answer these questions in an open format so others can benefit from the answer.

Gregghooper had sent me a pm saying that half of his fuse/relay panel didn't have power.

I can't find the 1986 manual. I have one from '89. I doubt there's much difference.

They don't publish one complete diagram. It's broken into sections.

What electrical devices are currently inop? Horn, lights, charging system? This will help me narrow it down.

What's common in most cases is a fusible link wire providing each circuit with power. The round box where the links are kept is on the left frame rail, behind the rear cab support hoop. The box will be facing you. Make sure each link has voltage on both sides. Power on one side and not the other means the link has failed. No power means there's a bad connection to the battery. Power on both sides but no power in the cab suggests a break or bad connection in the harness, or maybe a leg of the ignition switch has fried.

Report back with what doesnt work and your fusible link box test results. Ill help you narrow it down from there.
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