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Hino Trucks


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I posted an inquiry on Truck Talk and I'd like to thank Lawrence for the article. I'd really like to hear from someone that is driving a 2007 or 2008 Hino to find out how they like it, how it performs, mpg, etc. Any info would be apreciated---Pros and Cons.


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Use the search function and type in Hino. Should bring you back some information as the truck has been posted about numerous times.

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I did a search before I posted and there were only 3, all of which gave NO information. There was another inquiry from a husband/wife team that didn't get any info either. Maybe no one is driving a Hino. I thought there must be a few expediters on the road with one. Anyway I'll wait to see if I get any responses.


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We were parked next to a Hino truck and the driver was talking to us.
He said they don't pull up hills very good. That's all I have heard.


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They get either 7mpg or 10mpg depending on who you talk to, at least based on the people I've talked to. They are underpowered by most people's standards. They have a good powertrain warranty but I'm afraid the engine will need it due to the strain on it's underpowered system.

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