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Hino 338 air conditioner recharge question:)


Active Expediter
Have decided to remove an old under bunk air conditioner unit from our Hino 338 (2008). But before we do, we thought you guys on expediters online could tell us what the approximate cost of recharging the engine a/c system would be. The bunk air conditioner is working just fine, but when we remove the a/c lines and cap off those lines at the engine, obviously we will lose the refrigerant and it will need to be recharged.

Anyone have a cost or idea of what we should pay to have the recharge done?:)


Staff member
The industry standard says to vacuum the system for about an hour every time the system is opened. So I'd guess you'd be looking at a couple hours of labor, plus the cost of refrigerant. Pretty much any shop with an AC machine can accomplish this, so labor times will vary.