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Hino 338, 2012 Model


New Recruit
I have a Hino 338, 2012 Model, I had a problem while driving, after few kilometres the truck lost the power, when I press the gas pedal, the truck doesn't go fast, and finally, it stopped. After towing to the Hino Service, they have told the fuel heater damaged and need to replace. After fuel heater replacement, 2 days after I experienced the same problem of losing power when I press the gas pedal. Also when I opened the hood, there is no diesel in the showing in the fuel filter. (I am not sure diesel should be there in the fuel filter), Can someone help what's the problem?



Staff member
When the filter is new, fuel will be at the bottom of the filter. As the filter gets clogged, the fuel level will rise in the filter housing.

Does the check engine light come on when it has low power?

There can be many reasons for low power. Many different faults can cause limp mode, which will cause low power. Low fuel pressure can cause it too. And brake pedal switch adjustment/faults can cause it, too.

Yes, there is a fuel heater in the filter housing. I've never seen one go bad, I kind of doubt that a fuel heater fault has anything to do with this. It sounds like they were chasing a low fuel pressure concern.