Higher Education: A Basic Human Right


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Here's the next big social injustice around which campus protesters are planning to rally. Maybe college football teams across the country will refuse to play unless every American - young and old - is allowed this basic human right.
Imagine no bowl games, no FBS national championship playoff, no March Madness.:eek:
  • Tuition-Free Public Higher Education from Community College to Graduate School
  • Cancellation of All Student Debt
  • $15/Hour Minimum Wage for All Campus Employees
We welcome local and participating groups to discuss, add to, and modify these demands, so long as they are not watered down. Our movements are stronger when we move together.

When: November 12th, 2015, all day.

Where: Over 110 actions, happening across 34 states, in over 90 U.S. cities, as well as solidarity protests oversees.

Why: Education is a human right. Yet, while numerous countries around the world provide free high-quality, debt free education for their people–U.S. students, teachers and school-workers are suffering. The U.S. needs free college!

Million Student March on National Day of Student Action

Keep in mind that the total of our current national student loan debt is over $1 TRILLION - with a T. They want all that forgiven, plus free education for everyone "from community college to grad school". Of course those of us who have worked all our lives to support ourselves and our families are supposed to pay for this:rolleyes: