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Health problem caused by truck driving.


Expert Expediter
Back in 2015 I was throwing up blood, and ended up in the hospital . Had 2 blood transfers, and a stomach coil put in. They did a CT scan, and thought I had a growth on my bladder. Well as it turned out my bladder was three times the size. This effects a lot of truck drivers. Men don't take the time to empty their bladder completely. Well I now have to use a catheter to go to the restroom for the rest of my life. I was trying to be a reliable truck driver for the trucking companies I drove for over the years. They could care less about my health now. Take care of yourselves. Hope this helps someone .


Veteran Expediter
Lost my gallbladder do to all the sitting behind a steering wheel....the surgeon said its common for truck driver.


Veteran Expediter
Retired Expediter
US Navy
I would suggest walking if you can after a long drive, but few do that...driving for 30 + years and eating a poor diet and no exercise is a road to early health problems,,,
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