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Health Insurance 2016


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Once again people are getting desperate for insurance as they are either losing their current insurance or they can no longer afford it. Here are two options to consider and after having ACA this past year it did well for us. We had Blue Cross Blue Shield and for the first time since I can remember we had to go to the emergency room for tests.

Contact Information for
Trey Walker
Nobska Point Insurance
508-469-0672 Direct Office Line
978-807-6903 Cell

Trey works mostly with truck drivers and he has helped many drivers get insurance they can afford.

We also found information on a Health Share program that is not insurance and does not take any preexisting conditions. You have to be in good health and be willing to quit smoking and to lose weight. Very interesting concept and affordable.

Rocco Pellegrino
Sales Rep
855-585-4237 ext. 1150
Direct # 330 915 6857

Liberty HealthShare

A message from Liberty HealthShare

Our method of meeting healthcare costs has served many healthsharing families for decades because it is rooted in a conviction that we are placed on earth to share our resources with those in need. This value mobilizes us to action and fuels our participation in this unique cost-sharing approach.

We do not look to government for solutions, nor do we depend on the latest trend in Washington, DC. Instead, we depend on God and one another to meet our needs. We share medical bills because it is the right thing to do. With this belief as our moral and spiritual foundation, we want you to know we won't compromise our purpose or principles. Together with you, our members, we will continue to model to the world how people of faith and values take care of one another.

If you have any questions or needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Member Services at (855) 58-LIBERTY. We look forward to participating with you for many years to come.

Dale and your friends at Liberty HealthShare
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Haha. Don't get to use to BCBC. Came into TN and left in a year unless it is just Medicare. What is left in TN now isn't even insurance. Better off paying the fine and go get a real policy with actual coverage.


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For our seniors a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan may help reduce the extra cost that Original Medicare insurance does not cover