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Health Care Sharing

Discussion in 'Trucking Fit & Fit to Live' started by TeamCaffee, Nov 14, 2016.

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    Does any one use a health care sharing program? Still trying to figure out an insurance or program that will work for us without paying out thousands a month for something we do not use.

    Are the Health Share Programs a way to get away from Obama Care? If using a Health Share Program it does exempt you from the penalty.

    Looking at Liberty HealthShare and not even sure if we will qualify as I am still doing the research. Liberty does not seem to be as religious based as the many others were that I have researched.

    Hoping to get more details from anyone that has used a health share programs?

    This was taken out of one of the Health Care Sharing programs information:

    Members in the ministries are able to submit their eligible medical bills to the ministry, and are reimbursed by other members, either directly or through the ministry’s central office. Eligible medical expenses are similar most insurers would cover, although there are some things that won’t be covered. Substance abuse or any injury that occurs during the commission of a crime, for example, won’t be covered.

    I have to agree with the above paragraph.

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