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Have You Met or Seen This Trucker?


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Depending on the source you view, the average life expectancy for a trucker is 10 to 20 years below the national average. It does not have to be that way for you. See this video to learn more:

This video was produced by Growing Bolder. The book of that same title talks about how aging people can change what they believe about aging and thereby improve not only the duration of their lives but their quality of life too. Millions of people know or have recently learned this. You can too.

Somewhat related is Diane's and my own Growing Bolder experience. As Expediters, we found ourselves growing fat and out of shape, and we simply did not feel as good as we did when we were younger. We joined Anytime Fitness to do something about that and it worked well. We'd often deliver a load and head to the nearest Anytime Fitness to rest, exercise, shower and wait for our next dispatch.

One thing led to another and we ended up selling our truck and opening a gym. At the time, we said we were doing so partly to improve our health, but we had no idea how much that actually meant. We did not then know (but now know) how much our health would improve with healthy eating and just 3 percent of our time dedicated to consistent, vigorous exercise. We did not then know (but now know) it is possible enjoy a level of health and fitness now that rivals what we had 30 years ago. In the spirit of Growing Bolder, I'm began training to become a competitive powerlifter. While I am nowhere near ready to compete, I am stronger, more flexible and more mentally clear at age 65 than I was at 35.

This is not to say expediters need to change careers to become healthy. Indeed, I'm saying the exact opposite. View the video above and see if you can find your own Growing Bolder story in it. While many truckers are morbidly obese, in pain and likely to die early deaths, all are not. Can you see yourself developing the mindset of a healthy trucker and then the behavior of a healthy trucker?

As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

Improving your health and fitness isn't about getting it done, it's about getting started. And to do that you need only take a small step. That step creates momentum in the right direction. "Get on the right side of momentum and let it carry you in the direction you want." For more about that see this 60 second video.
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