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have been driving "professionally" for 30 years


Active Expediter
but started expediting 6 months ago.....I got a porta potty and pay the $5 to dump it and wash it out at MOST.....Loves once in a blue moon a TA has one....I get sick EVERY time I use a public bathroom! EVERY TIME! so for me, Im best off just using my potty.....I dump and clean it once a week and use wipes and toss them into a covered trashcan with step open lid....that makes the potty hold :more: and not so hard to empty....and Im cleaner....we have a fresh water tank, and a gray water holding tank
so washing hands is easy!
We took the top mattress out, put bins our cats potty and his LARGE crate up there with a mattress in his box....

I have hung stuff in mesh bags, and hang many things in wally bags on hangers, I installed a curtain rod (shower type) across the top of the bunk so I can hang stuff up there! we have pocket storage up there as well!

our Freightliner is a Bentz sleeper converted in '11 by FYDA, and we have no sleeper heat/ac because the previous owner cut out the wire to the switch!
we cant replace it unless we get it converted for $500 so we are trying to switch to a Climacab system we bought......
anyone else done that?
PJ and Dale