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Greta Van Fleet Review


Expert Expediter
Greta Van Fleet is a 70’s Rock influenced, but difficult band to get. BUT, once you get the story, you’ll love them.

Thank you Millennials, you’ve finally contributed some to society.

Greta Van Fleet is not the name of anyone in the band, it was the name of an older aunt they thought was interesting. Think “Lynard Skynyrd”.

The best way I can introduce you to this gem of a band is to forget that it’s Greta Van Fleet. Stay with me here...

Pretend John Bonham has resurrected from the dead, got together with the other Led Zeppelin bandmates, and created a new album.
Listen to Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires album, but pretend it’s the Newest Led Zeppelin Album. Allow yourself to be excited.

If it ever dawns on you, that’s a crazy high bar of expectation. Greta Van Fleet will not disappoint you.

Yes, Greta Van Fleet is HEAVILY influenced by Led Zeppelin, but you’ll hear some Lynyrd Skynyrd licks, some Rush Inflicted cadence in the vocals.

If Stevia Ray Vaughn can draw from Albert King, BB King, Albert Collins, etc., then Greta Van Fleet can draw from these bands.

Their second album, “Anthem Of The Peaceful Army”, they take it up a notch. Their songwriting skills and talent are upper tier. My personal favorite song, ‘When The Curtain Falls’ is just a pleasure to jam out to.

I don’t often recommend Millennial bands, much less say I’m a full fledged Fan. These 4 kids from Michigan, 3 of them brothers, are the Best Band to come out since 2000.
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