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Here is what the post stated:

We(the moderators)need to know! So I have to ask each and every member of Expediters Online Forums WHY the owner and founder of EO ( only has 14 feedbacks and 28 points in his ratings? Did you come to this site and find what you were looking for? Did you get the help you wanted? Did this site provide you information and guidance in any way, shape, or form? Then why not show ELMO your gratitude! Why not personally thank him for pursuing his dream, by taking a risk, and putting himself on the line to create such a site that helps us all, to pursue our dreams?
For those of you that do not know: This! my friend?s is a picture of our every own Lawrence McCord, AKA: LM, AKA: Elmo ? Expediters Lawrence McCord Online (Elmo). Let us all show LM our gratitude! To those of you that have already rated Elmo, on behalf of the Mod Squad we Thank You, Tony C
[link:|Click Here] to Thank Lawrence

Looking back 2 years I see only 51 points have been added to the founder of this great site. 25 people only 25 out of 3233 members.

Come on people where is your heart? This guy should have at least 5000!!!

AGAIN I SAY [link:|Click Here] to Thank Lawrence

Don't forget the Expo is coming up. He did that too!


I would give him 1000 point if I could, but it will only let me give him 2 point's. See ya at the Expo.

Drive safe

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I second that emotion - if you don't know what else to say, or are better at saying it in the short form than I am, or whatever - just say "Thanks"! Along with your heart, where are your manners?!