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GPS lifetime maps and traffic

Steady Eddie

Veteran Expediter
I know of a better deal for the same unit. X50 Pilot had then for 129.95. I got one, love the updates for free. Most pilots had then for 129.95.


Veteran Expediter
Fleet Owner
Not sure how long this special price will last but possibly longer than just today. Garmin 5" display gps with voice command and lifetime maps and traffic alerts for about 43% off list.

Garmin - n&#252vi 2460LMT 5" GPS with Built-In Bluetooth and Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates - 010-00903-07

For the same $$$ or less, you can get the latest model at Sam's Club. Beside that, if for any reason you want to return it, they won't charge you anything. Please Buy will charge you restocking fee (10-15%).

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