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Ginsburg violates code of conduct


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If the cases come before the Court and Ginsburg recuses herself, then the entire hysterical worry is moot.

Also, let us not forget that the aforementioned (in the article) Supreme Court Ethics Act of 2013 was a proposed House bill that came about directly because of the actions of conservative justices Anthony Scalia and Clarence Thomas, who did not, in fact, recuse themselves from cases in which they were directly affected. Point of fact, they ruled in their own favor, blatantly.


Veteran Expediter
Hilarious ... the thread originator comes up with a thread title ... and then, in the first sentence, has to insert the disclaimer "No ... it isn't actually what I just said it was ..."

That's almost as hilarious as posting/linking some garbage crapola piece from some radical "conservative" whack-a-doodle website ...

... lol ...


Veteran Expediter
Retired Expediter
Hilarious.. some anal orifice that lives only to denigrate fails to see or acknowledge the problem with certain groups being exempt from the laws and rules they expect everyone else to follow.


Veteran Expediter
No ... you clearly saw it and are acknowledging it ... albeit thru the use of a false pretense ... sorta a bait and switch kinda deal ...


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If the issue of the SC exempting itself from the rules it decrees is troublesome to you, why didn't you mention it when they banished the 35 ft barrier around abortion/family planning clinics? :confused:
A barrier they continue to require in front of their own place of business....


Veteran Expediter
BTW - I'm guessing - and I'm really just spitballing here - you didn't really think it through and fully consider the ramifications when you - of all people - decided (unadvisedly) to use the following formulation:

Hilarious.. some anal orifice that lives only to denigrate ...
If the absolute irony of the above escapes you, just let me know ... I think I can probably clear it up for ya ...