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Just a question about taxes that may be best answered by a scenario ....

Assume a person makes $1.00 per loaded mile and the standard deduction for that year is .55 per mile.

The person drives a total of 10 miles to the pick up point, then 200 loaded miles to deliver and 210 miles back home.

In this scenario :

$200 earnings ($1.00 per loaded mile) = $200 earnings

Tax write off $231 ( 10 miles to pick up , 200 loaded miles and then 210 miles (420 miles x.55)

For a net loss on the run of $31

Does that sound correct?




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In your scenario, if those 200 loaded miles are indeed part of a job where you're earning $1.00 per loaded mile, you can consider deducting the standard rate of $0.55 per mile for those miles. So, for those 200 miles, you could deduct $110 (200 miles x $0.55).


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Your scenario seems mostly correct, but there's one thing to consider. The standard deduction rate of $0.55 per mile is used for business-related travel expenses, like when you're driving for work or business purposes. If the miles you mentioned are for personal use, they wouldn't typically qualify for this deduction. However, if you were driving for a gig job, like ridesharing or delivery, and those miles were part of your job, then you could likely claim the deduction.