Risky Business General Liability vs Auto Liability


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Given the number of policies with $1 Million General Liability and State Minimum Auto Liability currently popping up, it's a good time to talk about the vast difference between the two types of insurance whether you're an Owner Op, Motor Carrier or Broker.

Auto Liability pays out when you hit someone or something with your vehicle.

The last two Risky Business blogs addressed the type of Auto Liability an Owner Operator needed depending on what type of arrangement he had with a Motor Carrier, i.e. Non-Truck or Primary.



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Once again a great read. It is amazing that insurance has become skewed so badly in this industry. In the end it will damage the industry and only cost the remaining carriers more. I met a gentleman the other day in recruiting who stopped in asking about signing on. He told me how he carriers his own insurance and runs for 5 carriers and how inexpensive it was. I asked if he had a copy of the policy, which he proudly shared with me.

Did he have one million auto liability.......no he had $25,000. I then tried to explain the difference to him. In the end he simply didn't care. The 5 multi carriers he ran for were fine with it and were ok with him having general liability even though it wouldn't cover in an accident. Some days I shake my head so damn hard my neck hurts.


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25,000 really what did he have a mini van policy hahahaha
What state was he insured in ? Liberia?


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Pennsylvania requires 15/30/5. Those are the same figures as when the law was passed in 1975 :eek:

Course, in 1975 every Cadillac except the Seville had an MSRP less than $10k :rolleyes: