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Important! Fuel Tax Map Apps - Update !


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Fuel Tax Map App Update:
For those of you using my fuel tax map apps to help with your fuel purchases, 1st Thank You, and 2nd the maps are again current as of 31 January 2019.
For anyone interested in using them, there are 2 .
For Android only - This is a native Android app found in the Play Store. It is called Fuel Tax Map 2 and can be found at the following link
For iOS and Android - This is a web based version. It cannot be found in any app store. Just follow the link below and then use your device(phone, tablet or laptop/desktop computer) to save to homescreen for quick access. Saving it to your homescreen will enable it to act just as an app would. This version also includes a Canada map.
Fuel Tax Map
Both are free to download/use and there are no ads (yet).
They also include quick links to IFTA charts, FMCSA regulations and other information useful to truckers.


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Thank you, Greg! I print the maps off and keep them with our clipboard. When we route our next load we use the maps and the fuel prices to determine where we are going to fuel. Much easier than easier to look at then my spreadsheet was that we used for years.
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