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Ford F650's and 750s V10 vs 6.7l


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Is there anybody out there running Ford trucks?
I know the V10s can be tempermental in Local running. (like tow trucks just city hopping and pure abuse) but i dont know much about long haul highway use. Do they last longer than 150k? Hows the MPG on them? I know not as good as a Diesel. but anybody have numbers?

I dont know :censoredsign: about the 6.7 powerstroke. Anybody running it? same question how does it last? does it do well on fuel?

i know that ford isnt really the greatest around but they are the most comfortable for riding in for the longhaul.

Still eyeballing Kenworths and Peterbilts. I know theyre stout but not the most comfortable to drive.... why you cant lean the seat back is beyond me.... and give me a :censoredsign:ing arm rest and center console (WITH A :censoredsign:ING CUP HOLDER FOR :censoredsign:S SAKE)
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Hi I'm about to start expediting on my 6.7 powerstroke so far I've been doing hot shots locally and it's been a good truck so far mine has 170k on it right now