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FCC BR Units Positive / Negative


Expert Expediter
Looking for any information about the positives and negatives with FCC BR units, either solo or team. Thanks in advance!


Veteran Expediter
Safety & Compliance
US Coast Guard
Your request for information is too vague and too generalized. Are you wanting to know about the truck operation and maintenance or the freight availability or the revenue potential or contracting with FCC? Are you familiar with reefer operation now or interested in a different line of work?


Expert Expediter
Hi Terry,

We’re currently looking to put one on with FCC and I’m just searching for any addition information that could be of help considering I’ve been out of expediting since 2000, and back then I ran a DR & ER.

FYI, my sourcing specialist has supplied me with all the 2017-2018 income numbers for solo & team BR units already so we don’t need to discuss income.

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