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My fleet owner offered me a 60/40 split or 0.37 per mile and he covers fuel...I took the mileage option as I see how insane diesel is getting right now

my sprinter is a 2020 2500
The “sleeper” is a mattress the owner put in the van and said I can put I on the floor and lift it back up
I have a 2000 watt inverter and there is air / heat (no AC) for the “sleeper”
The inverter is mounted up front and I can’t get any extension cord through to plug in while in the back
The van as a whole “except the cab” is very barebones

any suggestions on what I can do to make the sleeper more comfortable? I’m a big guy, sleeping on the floor of a van kinda sucks
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Get a decent extension cord and cut off the end. You should be able to fish it thru those vents at the bottom of the bulkhead/partition. Then any Lowes or Home Depot type hardware store will sell new ends (typically to repair damaged cords, etc) you can re-wire to the extension cord and you're in business. You'll still have the opposite issue of where to vent the hot-air discharge from a portable AC...if the owner will let you, a 4" hole in the bottom behind the drivers seat (barely noticeable) will allow you to pass the hose up to the cab, and out of the window. A melanite, plastic, or thin wood board will sit in the drivers window like the "Idle-Air" adapters...and you can still be secure, chilly cool, and comfortable without breaking the bank or your truck.

I'm guessing you'll be idling while you'll be using electricity back there to sleep? Nothing would suck more than waking up to drive and not have cranking amps left. :D I use external power instead of an inverter, the cost is negligible and not wasting diesel or wear/tear on my Benz. I'm taking reallllly good care of that DPF/DEF system. o_O