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DT466 Worned out?


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Good morning folks,

In October 2016 we bought a 1989 International Thomas Built school bus with 140,000 miles on it for a conversion project. The bus was in very good shape. We drove it back from Sacramento to San Francisco without a problem.

At the beginning of this month we decided it could be good to have it inspected so we brought it to the mechanics. After an hour inspection he said the engin was worned out. Plus there had been an extension installed on the blow pipe so that the oil leak wouldn't be easy to see.

We wanted to have a second opinion on this, so we brought it to Peterson Trucks Inc. and they also say the engine was worned out. And the cost of repairing the engine would probably be around 25,000$... We were ready to give up and get rid of this bus. But some of the people we talked to said it could be repaired.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is reparable? What if we change the pistons and rings?

We really need some advice here.
Thanks for any help.


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Ken Kesey would recommend flushing the engine with lysergic acid diethylamide and repaint the entire body.


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25 sounds a little high for that engine!!! 15 sounds a little more realistic. The 466 was a good Diesel engine.

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Keep in mind you can get a replacement engine out of a wrecking yard for less than $2000. (In my area at least) No way i'd be putting in more money with just piston and rings...if they're really worn so is everything else...junkyard also warned me that the bus engines were sometimes bagged out at lower than average miles so they might be telling the truth