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Dry Feet


Expert Expediter
A few years ago I mentioned about a problem in the sleeper with really dry feet. I found that the inexpensive little slippers in the pharmacy of WalMart really help this problem. While I was purchasing some (in Christmas colors) today it reminded me that we have a lot of new ladies on EO that might not know about these. They are infused with Vitamin E and aloe. I find that if I use a good lotion on my feet then wear these little footies (slippers) it really helps. I think the heat from the floor of the sleeper plus the foot powder I use in my shoes must dry out my feet. These little footies along with the lotion keep my feet in much better shape through the winter months. Check it out!


Seasoned Expediter
Are they for women or do they have a men's version? I don't have a problem with dry feet but my boyfriend does! my arms are constantly getting slathered with lotion between the climate changes and dry air in the bunk.

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Veteran Expediter
Another very good lotion for dry skin, that also helps with eczema and ketosis pilaris is LacHydrin, or any lactic acid lotion. I buy it on Amazon typically. Works great.

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