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Drive to own


Seasoned Expediter
I have a 2002 Ford cargo van with a driver. I would like to make the driver a deal. Drive it for one year and after that you can have it. Did anybody did a deal like this? I would like to make a deal to be fair for me and for the driver. What do you think? For example what happening if the transmission or the engine go broke in the e11-th month? Now we split 65-35 so the driver has nothing to lose and I can stay OK one year .


Veteran Expediter
What is the age limit of vans with the company you are leased to? 2002 is a fairly old van for expediting
If the driver can keep it on for a few years than it might be a good deal, but if next year they say the van is too old, then he basically has nothing.
is it still on it's original engine, transmission, does it have 500K on it etc etc.


Active Expediter
Be careful with this. If he gets into an accident and is sued you will also be brought in on it (most likely). We have had customers tell us some pretty scary stories.