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Sometimes you meet some very different people while trying to make a delivery. You never know what to expect when delivering to a place you have never been before, but you have certain expectations. Then there are the ones where you encounter someone at a delivery that you could have never imagined being a part of your “routine” day. One such instance comes to mind.



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I am pretty interested. I once got my hands on a vintage silver-plated 1928 Buescher true-tone (IV series). Of course, they were made in the US, Indiana, or someplace else. I got it online and used a tracking service to see where my piece of gold was cause I wanted to have it so bad. Wonderful sweet sound and easy-peasy to play harmonics. But globalization is a one-way street, so I doubt we will ever see US-built horns like that again, especially for 40$. Just too good to be true, so I think it's a scam.