Cargo Van Discontinued no longer made tires for the sprinter 2500

Greg Chick

New Recruit
I own a sprinter 2500 short/tall van. 2004' always bought Conti Vanco tires. 225-70-15 load range E. thats a single tire capacity of 2470 lbs. cold at max pressure. Sound easy enough? Try to find them, I got a call back today from the MB Sprinter service ctr. "None available, none made". Continental Mfgr. called back, "We no longer make that tire" they were referring to the Vanco 2 and the Vanco 8. Goodyear said no longer make a tire with that capacity in that size. So, get a taller tire? go to a weaker tire, meaning 1750 Lbs.? Thats 700 Lbs. weaker! Details like this mean as a plumber having a loaded van I could have a blow out on the front tire and it would be my fault. What if someone died? The victims lawyer could prove I put tires not rated for my van and that caused a loss of life!
If the call I got from Petes tire today is real and they found some old stock and I can get them, that does not mean more are not available....