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Defending your place, things are really different now


Staff member
That couple didn't get their house vandalized. Sooooo, it worked.
What happens when people see something that works? You get more of it.
States all over the country for the last 3 or 4 months have seen a 300-500 percent increase in gun applications and in gun sales.

So you've got a lot of people who have never owned a gun before getting guns, and many of them are probably not going to get any training. What could go wrong? I mean, the woman in that video has her finger on the trigger. That's some seriously bad trigger discipline right there.

On the other hand, a half a dozen protesters get shot and killed, that'll put a dent in the protests.


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US Navy
Yes, many gun stores in Chattanooga are sold out of pistols, Academy Sports here had 12 pistols and 22 rifles left,,there were no AR15 style weapons at all. Glocks are gone in many stores and 40 38, and 9mm ammo are in short supply......stock up on ammo if you can... I would suggest if you cross the Tennessee River southbound, you might want to carry a weapon especially around the railroads, east Chattanooga, anywhere around our hospitals IMHO....