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DEF Level Gauge Intermittent and E on Dash


New Recruit
Hi everyone,

New to the forums here but I found some helpful information about abs earlier in the year from a google search so I figured maybe its time to actually join. I'm having a very weird issue with my 2014 Hino 268. A few days ago it started having an "E" appear on the instrument cluster on the transmission gear selection side of the screen. I found a thread where it was mentioned that there might be a TCU issue/failing. I'm was assuming these are separate issues but it seems every time the "E" appears, my DEF level gauge goes from 3/4 full to no bars showing (gauge shows empty) but no warning lights for low DEF appear anywhere on the cluster. So a buddy of mine had a spare DEF tank sending unit which I threw into my truck's DEF tank but the DEF gauge still does the same thing. So I thought I would start with the possible TCU issue that was mentioned in a different thread as maybe these two issues are actually related??? I removed the connector at the rear of the transmission down close to the transmission oil pan and a whole bunch of ATF came out of the female and male connectors. The area on the outside of the harness plug is completely dry. It only has transmission oil inside the harness plug. I don't believe this is normal but I was thinking that this could be the source of the "E" on the dash?

I have access to the DXII software and there are no codes on the engine/DEF side and my generic code reader shows no codes for the transmission. The truck seems to run perfectly fine feels like it has normal power and no other lights are on on the dash. Has anyone else ran into this very odd issue?

Thanks a bunch,