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Dash camd


New Recruit
How many have a dash cam?

Thinking of picking up a cheap one for 20 for now until I can get a better one.

Is that a good plan? Also any recommendations on brands/models that y'all use?


Active Expediter
US Army
I have a Garmin, expensive yet not worth the cost. It works.
The ball socket broke & the electrical connector on the unit is sloppy. Jury rigged repairs for it.
I would not buy another Garmin.

It does record/track location & speed.

I would not be without one.


New Recruit
I bought my dash cam at Walmart for ONLY $9.00 and it works just fine and at 9 bucks who can complain? I figure it may come in handy one day, should I need to show a police officer, or some jerk driver who caused a wreck, the actual and unbiased video evidence of any wreck, rather than try to explain my side of the story and risk not being fully believed.
*Beware that it can record YOU being an idiot driver as well and possibly be used against YOU! should you be involved in, or cause an accident and you are not able to hide the camera and/or it is seized by the police during an accident investigation.

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