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Recently while visiting our kids in San Antonio we needed a safe place to park our truck.

We were going to be in town for a couple of days and did not want to take up a parking spot at the local truck stops. The thinking cap went on as we also did not feel safe parking at a retail center even with permission from the owner. Next came the thought of a locally owned storage unit about two miles from their house.

The first questions asked were, how big is the truck and then explaining that, how long are you going to leave it, and will the truck be idling. Even after the explanation of the length there was still some confusion but the owner said no problem, I have a couple ideas of where you can park and the area is gated. Once I see the truck I will know for sure what spot will work.



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Any place that rents space for RV parking should be comfortable with your rig. Between the custom look, the fact that it's the same size as a motorcoach, and the fact that your truck is as nice inside as any decent RV, should make it an easy choice to allow you to park there. Heck, if it were my storage lot, I'd have you park it close to the office

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