cost per mile supersedes revenue


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When I break down my fixed and everyday expenses, it seems that the cost per mile cuts in heavily into my revenue to the point that all the hard work overwhelms the small profit in this new sprinter van. can't buy new I guess.

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I am sure that you are not the only one in the same predicament. So sad. However, as everything increases in price due to inflation, etc, many probably still continue to find low freight rates as acceptable. These are the ones destroying this business to begin with, and I hope that this time of high cost of living, doing business, etc, flushes them out.

Really none of my business, and you don't have to share this on here, but what is the all mile pay? (Empty, loaded, personal) combined divided by the total income? To me, that is the important number at the end of each month. At the time of acceptance of a load offer, I look at the total miles to get the load and loaded miles into the total pay. I don't care if the deadhead is 500 miles to get a load delivering 5 miles down the road, as long as the all mile pay is within my acceptable level...That is also my deciding factor, as well as pieces, weight, direct delivery or becoming a warehouse on wheels...small light loads I will bend on rates, less wear and tear,, less gas used on those loads.. Heavy 3 skid loads I give zero wiggle room, as it wears on everything so much more,, and uses more gas to move that heavy load....and a 3 skid load must be a direct delivery, as I refuse to sleep in a front seat. Absolutely not.


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So have you found any reputable companies that you are currently working with that provide you with what you’re asking for? I’m a new driver/purchaser of a 2020 Ford Transit van and I’m looking into not necessarily the best companies, but ones that are reputable and pay well. I also don’t want to sleep in my van as it would be terrible! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!