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Congress flooded with calls to probe Obumma :)


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according to www.wnd.com Congress is flooded with calls to probe ObummaQ! Hopefully they will do their jobs and check into this Illegal Alien and REMOVE his sorry butt!!!!:cool: Do you think they will "Finally" do their job and check into him?:rolleyes:


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No, because republican and democrat are wolves of the same pack.
They all get 'paid' the same way, by the same real powers that be. Nothing will be done, it should have been done before he ran, the election should have been forfeit when Acorn registered dead people to vote.

No one gives a **** as long as they're in power.


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They would do better going after Obama AND Holder on Fast and Furious. They REEK of guilt on that one. Why else would they be refusing to release all things that Congress has asked for? They MUST have something to hide.