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confused again


Seasoned Expediter
i keep hearing about "letter" classifications like "c","d","e" about these vans and trucks.

just what are they?


Veteran Expediter
Safety & Compliance
US Coast Guard
Most expedite carriers use the following descripters:

A = Pickup truck or mini van capable of 500 pounds
B= Cargo Van/Sprinter capable of 2500 Pounds
C = Small dock high Straight truck capable of 5000 pounds
D = Large straight truck capable of 13,000 pounds
E = Tractor/trailer
An R suffix = reefer; CR, DR, ER would be refrigerated trucks
A C suffix would be a Canadian truck leased to a USA carrier


Veteran Expediter
US Navy
Thank you so much, it makes it much eaiser to understand what different people are driving.