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Why the heck are good ones so hard to find? Many seem to want to treat otr as a local job (home every other week ), at twice the pay. Ridiculous.
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No one really wants to work OTR Especially when they are contractors and don't make the money to pay for their own health care or the taxes. Contractor's don't get Company Health care and Dental care Options or the Option to get a W-2 vice a 1099. In Most Cases. Maybe you give that option but there are those that do not.

That being the case the contractor has to make more to pay for those things on their own unless they are offered. That being said, what you or the company you drive for thinks is good money may not be.

Benefits is a big Item or More Money. Offering to give a W-2 and taking Taxes out is a definite plus along with Health Care Medical and Dental. Think about it.

There are a lot of Jumpers, when it come tax time that go running to Regular companies to show that they got Health care now so they don't get Penalized on there taxes for the year. Something to think about.

This being the business that it is. It has went lets say from robust to water down. The Companies and cost cutting is what the issue is. Water down Freight and Slow Business makes for Bad vermin! when that happens you cant pay your co Driver what he or she for that matter needs to make Because of taxes and Medical and Dental. Lot to think about unless you have that set up. Many here don't have that.

The SLOW Economy the low paying freight and the sitting has a lot to do with things.
It sure not like it was back in 2005 to the end of 2008. Nope we were hopping and everyone seemed happy and getting a piece of that Apple Pie with Whipped Cream.
Now Slow as they say and that makes things for a Contractor even worse.

Many Contractors are leaving the Expedite arena and moving to be company drivers. Uncle Sam ( IRS ) the penalties it imposes on the 1099 taxes IE pay in every quarter and the wonderful new Rules for Health Care have a lot to do with the problem at hand. Something to think about.

Here is a Suggestion Could be better to try and Hire a retired service member and pay them decent as they may stay the course. Vice hiring a non service member. I am not trying to knock non service members but here is the deal. Retired service members for the most part already have their health care so they really don't need it unless they can use it as a kicker and who don't need that.

Other wise you will get the So called Quick money drivers. Ones that jump on that band wagon & ride for a Few months make the big bucks and then run back to being a company driver or jump off and collect unemployment or disability of some type. Happens all the time. Take care and God Speed.
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