CNN airs a documentary on Alzheimer's featuring Glen Campbell.


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Every once in a while, CNN produces great television. So it is with their new documentary following singer Glen Campbell's battle with Alzheimer's disease. Poignant doesn't begin to describe this behind the scenes look at one family's effort to help their loved one continue through daily life with purpose and dignity. CNN's decision to make air time available for Glen Campbell and his caregivers will do enormous good in raising public awareness for this dread disease.

My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in his mid-80's and succumbed to its progression just short of reaching 90 years old. Alzheimer's debilitation, near the end, is total. If you know a family or caregiver helping an Alzheimer's patient, these people are doing God's work and deserve more thanks than can ever be adequately expressed. God bless the caregivers.

CNN will replay this documentary several times at differing hours over the next few weeks. This is one programming event I heartily recommend.

Title of show is; Glen Campbell... I'll Be Me.

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