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Class A cdl looking to get into expediting solo.


New Recruit
Hello everyone, My name is Dustin and I have been driving straight trucks for 5 years. Last April I got my class A CDL and now I am looking at making a career move to drive a straight truck expediting for a fleet owner. I want to see how I like it and to learn the business before I decide to spend 250k on a piece of equipment. I am open to emails and phone calls from fleet owners who are hiring around the Georgia area. Message me for that info I am solo but I am open to teaming with somebody if need be. I live in Georgia and I have my tanker but I have not gotten my hazmat endorsement yet. If I can start without one that would be great. I have my class A because I tested in a semi with a 53 foot trailer and I can drive a semi, I am just not interested in doing so. More than a career I am looking for advice on the industry.


New Recruit
Hi Dustin,

I just started the same journey into straight truck (currently driving tractor/trailer) and already found a job! I just contacted Expeditus Transport because they only deal with fleet owners who employ solo drivers. They answered all of my questions and the research I did on the company is very positive. Call their recruiting team and ask for Michael! Good luck!