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Cheese Crisp


Expert Expediter
This is probably an idea you will have to make next time you are home since you may not have the bowls in your sleeper.

Purchase a package of cubed cheese (we like sharp but any cheese will do). Using those little glass bowls (spray with PAM) place two cubes in the bowl. You can cook four of the glass bowls at once in a microwave.

Cook on high in the microwave for 1 min 15 seconds. Take the little crisps out of the bowls and place on a plate to cool. They are ready to eat almost immediately. These taste like the cheese that melts on the pan when you make grilled cheese sandwiches...that crispy, yummy stuff on the pan. They make little crispy cracker looking things that my family just can't resist.


Staff member
India looking forward to giving this a try! They sound like a great snack.


Veteran Expediter
We used to make these all time when I was a kid. We called it a "cheese bake"
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