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Raceman has posted several times about using CB's to establish or maintain contact. I've been wondering if we need to start encouraging an "Expeditor's Channel" on the CB for saying hi and chatting as we run. Maybe we could all agree to switch to Ch 17 when we see another Expeditor if we want to get in touch. I'd even go a step further and suggest that drivers for the major companies establish an agreed-upon channel for chatting with each other. For example, FedEx CC drivers could switch to Ch 15 for contact. That would also come in handy at moments like right now when I can see a B unit in the lot, I suspect that the E unit that pulled in last night is still here somewhere, and I'm sitting in my D unit. We could get ahold of each other and maybe set up lunch in the diner here at the truckstop where we're all layed up waiting for loads. I'd love to be able to talk to other FECC drivers a little more conveniently.

just in my second month of driving, but already learning fast.

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This has been mentioned in the past but didn't get off the ground. I think just getting expeditors to turn on their radios is the first step. I'm one of them that just leaves it off. When I do turn it on and have to listen to 2 drivers arguing about which on is the bigger a-hole..., well, you see my point.

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We were turning it on only when weather or road conditions were really bad, accidents, etc. Now it seems like that becomes a vulgar-fest within a couple of minutes so we usually keep it off.

I like the idea of an expediter channel. 17's good, some folks switching off 19 to converse alot of times go to 17. Maybe 10, it's next to '9' therefore easy to remember.

Man, I remember having an old Pace 76, 23ch base station way back when. Anybody uttering a 4-letter word was quickly dealt with by the early cb'ers. Repeat offenders, and big linears bleeding all over everyone always got the white van outside the house with the direction-finding round antenna on top. CB was indeed fun then.

Now it's trash. Something has gotta change. I think your' idea is a great step. Thanks!;)


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I too like this idea of a channel. I think maybe best as well. However I will use whatever is picked. How about the author of this POST just picking the channel and then we all buy in and maybe EO Staff could somehow list it so everyone knows even if they have not read these POSTS.

I ran to KC and back in the last two days and I have to say I only heard the trash a few times. Maybe folks going West are a little more grown up.

It is typical to get turned off by the trash talk but as a solo I use it for company and comedy. I have XM but even get sick of it. I hooked up with a TT driver with Jet and we came all the way back to Ohio together. We stopped for coffee twice and looked out for each other all the way.

I agree the CB is a trash bin but it really is not big of a deal to turn on when you see one of us just to say hi. Although I will say there are some that do not even wave and I guess those are the loners, folks mad at the world or already have enough freinds.

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It's a good idea to have an expediter's channel. There are times someone passes by in the opposite direction but I don't try because by the time I turn it on and say something we'd already be out of range among all the others on 19. I'd say keep it fairly close to 19 for those who have to turn the knob to get to it. Maybe 16 or 22 since a lot of folks seem to go to 17 or 21 already to talk away from 19 and 18 and 20 get interference sometimes. I vote yes and let us know what channel.

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I like to meet up with and have a coffee with an expeditor. I'm still mulling over in my mind as to which direction, I'll be going.
Whether to stick with the Big Truck or drop my class A and get a class 8 with a 24-30 box on that back end.

I drive for N Yanke Transfer and my truck number is 2713. Blue FLD 120 Freightliner.

If I'm not on 19 then I'll be on Sideband on 38 Lower side yacking to someone around the world.

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It will be nice to be able to talk to other drivers going down the road. I leave my radio on all the time just in case something is hapening in front of me. I even leave it on when I'm setting in the truck to keep up on traffic problems around the area in case that dispatcher calls.


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I really hate to be unfriendly but my CB is off most of the time. It would really be nice to be able to talk to the other expeditors I see out there but it seems like their radios are off most of the time too. Every time I try to leave mine on for a while some jerk gets on there and it goes OFF fast before I can get involved in the crap. I'd hate to get the government involved any more than they are but it was much better when the rules were enforced. If we had a channel to use I'd keep mine on.


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I just want to say thanks for this POST yesterday after dropping in Salem VA heading home to Charlotte NC and due to this site I just barley had my CB turned up. I-77 SB shut down at 14 MM truck turned over. Back up to MM 23.

Someone came over suggested get off at X-24 L to US 54 into R at main intersection back to SB X 13 road was like a box of hairpins dropped onto the floor but it worked kept us moving at avg speed of 35mph but sure beat sitting for however long. The CB chatter was annoying I KNOW BETTER THAN YOU Attitude. I finally interupted guys I ride this on my Harley at least twice a year I know where and what I am doing and yes we can make the turn in Hillsboro back to 77 your other option is to go into Fancy gap and endure another 8 miles of these hair pins. Do as you may I thought, I made one comment that l8 wheelers do not understand. If I can make the turn than you can because these straight trucks do not turn nearly as well as a tractor. If they did they will turn over! They do not get it they think that because they pull 53 feet they need a wider turning ratio.

So thanks I listened it worked.