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Cargo Van Owner/Operator App based scams?


New Recruit
Hi all. Just wondering if any of you all have come across blatant scams when responding to cargo van owner operator ads.

I recently came across a company called A to Z expeditors which directs you to download an app called Loadhive. They want bank account info before approving me as a driver. I asked for more info about the company (they have no website I could find) and the only thing I was given was an address in the Chicago burbs to add to my insurance that is a rented apartment.



Veteran Expediter
Retired Expediter
If a carrier isn't active here on EO and has been for at least 2-3 years have nothing to do with them. It may mean missing out on a good but unknown carrier however it is much more likely to save you from a bad carrier. You can be 99.97% certain any carrier who has been active on EO for over 3 years is not a bad carrier. They may not be the best but they aren't nearly the worst either.