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Calling all Gearheads


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My friend with the Transit Connect is running around town doing errands.
Pulls into a place, shuts it off, comes out 5 minutes later and it’s dead. No lights, accessories, nothing.
She grabs another vehicle and leaves.
A few hours later her brother in law goes out, puts the key in and it fires right up.
Looks under hood and sees nothing.
Comes out 30 minutes and an hour later, fires up fine both times and it’s fine.
She returns and drives it home, noting the clock lost a few hours and the radio defaulted to the first a.m. station.

The key separates into two pieces. You can take the part with the remotes with you in a valet situation.
And she’s had an aftermarket remote start added a year ago.
Never a hint of any issue.
The key is getting worn, where it’ll separate easily.
My guess is after a few failed attempts with the key not 100% right an anti theft feature shut power off . When the later attempts were made the key was tight ?
I forgot to call Ford. They’ll probably say bring it by and we’ll look at it for a fee.

Any ideas ?


Veteran Expediter
Retired Expediter
If it does it again, I’ll gladly have it towed to a dealer.
I hate going to a dealer when it’s not acting up.

Rags talks like I have Speedway money.


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I had the same issue with a GM cargo van. I get a Sunday load offer in Cleveland and ready for the quicker pick up and nothing happening. I called a friend who had a similar problem. We each had the same cure...remove the aftermarket remote start. The issue, it seems, is that the remote start fools the van electronics into thinking there is a key in the ignition. If the remote system fails for most any reason, the GM anti-theft system shuts down the fuel pump. No fuel, no start. The temp cure was to let it sit for 20 minutes and try again. Good luck.


Veteran Expediter
Retired Expediter
I told her to swing by and talk to the remote start guy. I forgot to look him up also.
It’s hell getting old.
Thanks Terry.