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Bitten by the 4K bug

Discussion in 'The Tech Shop' started by RoadTime, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Entertainment upgrading.

    With my vacation coming to a close, I've had fun playing with some of my new toys.

    I haven't had a regular home TV for the last 3 years, choosing to watch everything on two large projector screens. 150 inch and 100 inch respectively. Has been great, but recently thought it would be a good idea to have a TV devoted for video games and casual TV watching, to save life on my projector bulbs.

    I found a clearance sale Scepter 55inch 4K TV from Walmart online for $308. At that price it was hard to pass up. I wasn't to concerned about the brand, as I already had purchased a 24inch Scepter TV for the van and love it.

    What I wasn't expecting, is how much I would love this TV.

    Going from 1080 to 4K is just visually amazing.

    That bad part is, now I've been bitten by the 4K bug, and everything else seems just inferior. 4K projector cost are in the thousands. So won't be upgrading them anytime soon.

    I wanted to upgrade and have a dedicated bluray player, instead of always using my PS4 to play movies. I picked up a Samsung BD-J6300. Supposively, it would upscale old dvds and blurays up to near 4K quality. This was not a 4K player, as those are around 3X more expensive, so I went the cheaper route. I spent the day comparing it to my PS4, I found very little, if any, and sometimes worse results with this "upscaling". So I was pretty disappointed with the results.

    Then I got bit hard by the 4K bug.

    I streamed my 1st 4k movie and was totally blown away by the picture. I've never seen anything like this before. Other then passing by TV displays that were running 4K nature films.

    The film I watched was very similar sounding to my TV.


    I'm not very big into Bond films, but Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond.
    Besides a absolutely stunning picture quality, this was the best bond film I can remember seeing.

    So after that experience, I knew watching 4K movies was where I wanted to be.

    After more review searching, I took back the Samsung and shelled out the extra cash for a actual 4K player with upscaling.

    I got a Sony X800 ultra HD Blu-Ray/DVD player with WiFi.

    Very impressed with this player. Very well constructed. The apps work very fast, the Samsung moved at a snail's pace.
    Upscaling is pretty amazing. Even giving my old DVDs that were next to unwatchable due to poor quality new life. And takes blurays up to the 4K level.

    I've always been slow to change with technology. I still run Windows 7 on my home PC

    But when I find something I really like, I'm all on board

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