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I have a 2017 ford transit 350 extended high roof 9950 GVWR ready to get rolling mid March wanting to know best companies to work for and which is better per mile or percentage of load.I am from Kansas and getting my van upfitted so i can stay out for extended periods of time thanks in advance for any information.

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I have worked for both companies and both are good to work for.
I have heard that Bolt Express uses multi carriers as well as their own owner operators. Is this accurate? If so, nothing like leasing to a company that favors the model that is destroying this segment of the industry, because as we all know, carriers are all about turning the highest profit possible, regardless who gets trampled along the way. And we know those multicarrier guys run for rates that we wouldn't run for. Well, most of them, anyways..there are some good ones out there..


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If I were going out again I'd be looking at Load-1, Landstar, FedEx and Panther based on what I knew a decade ago when I was out. Things might be different now although I suspect they'd still be among the "main suspects" list for anyone researching.
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