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bad broker


Seasoned Expediter
We hauled cargo van freight for a Broker named Zone . At the beginning (2 years ago) the broker was honest ,paid in time ,like a clock. In the last period (starting 3-4 months ago ) he offered a rate and he paid a smaller rate. He started paying 2 cents less (I said OK , no big deal) finishing with 10-15 cents less per mile. So I called him, I email him the loads and the difference . He said he will pay in two ,three weeks. Not that he did not paid the difference (approximately $1200) but now he not even answer on the phone. I know, my fault to ,why I did not stop taking loads from him when I first saw ,but after two years of working together I thought that he will correct his mistakes. I talked with other two o/o ,they went back and checked and they discovered the same problem. I just want to share my experience for drivers who haul for smaller companies....When you not work with the big boys( Panther, Load1, Fedex, Express 1 etc) this things can happen.


Veteran Expediter
Yea zone has been shaky for a few years now, used to have quite a few trucks and some vans but they bailed sometime ago