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August Moon at Load 1


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Crazy. The fastest and slowest year at the same time!

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Veteran Expediter
Picked up a load before noon Saturday for delivery on Monday down by Dayton, OH.

Which is good because I can only drive a couple of hours anymore before I'm in a lot of pain. Mostly my back. I know it's a seat/ride/posture thing. I could drive all day in a semi and be fine. 1-2 hrs driving the Sprinter and I'm miserable. So short runs or runs with lots of time like this one are ideal.
I've tried every seat cushion and back support I've been able to find, different positions, and nothing really helps.

I took the plunge and ordered a new custom made captains chair, and just hope it helps, because I've run out of options. Unfortunately, it will take around 4-5 more weeks before it's done and ships due to a back log.

This is the one i'm going with...
I also ordered the Lumbar support option and most of the seat upgrades available.
Fingers crossed that it helps.

On a brighter note...
I'm prebooked for Monday after I drop, going to Toledo, Ohio.
Which works out great since I need to stop by Wayne's World :smiley_driving:


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Colonoscopy is done. Everything looked good. Removed a couple of polyps. Neither looked bad. Followup on the 17th. Then I should be back at it.

I have a few comments on the sadist who came up with the idea of drinking 64 ounces of Miralax solution, but I don't think even the Internet is the place for them. So I'll keep those to myself. :oops:


Veteran Expediter
I think it was Thursday morning when I woke up at a Flying J in Indiana.
The Temperature was 63F crisp air, felt like fall.
Not a care in the world, as I gathered myself together and walked toward the entrance of the J.

Then it happened. A record scratch in my mind as everything came to a stop.

I needed to go back and get my mask :mask:
For a brief moment in time, there was no virus. What a joyous feeling.
Life was as it always was pre-virus.
Crashing back to reality, I went back to get my mask...
It was nice while it lasted....:pensive:

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