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Anyone hiring eastern PA or Delaware?


New Recruit
Newbie just collecting resources.. Looking to get my feet week. Anyone know any companies based out of Delaware it Eastern PA? Dog Friendly. Starting as solo but eventually go team with my wife.


Staff member
Motor Carrier Executive
Safety & Compliance
Carrier Management
Mtnsurf - best thing to do is to call each of the companies that advertise on and ask your specific questions. Once your search is narrowed then speak with some of the drivers who operate vehicles for those companies you are interested in. Speak to multiple drivers and multiple calls to the companies - doing so should provide accurate details. Often times there is here-say involved that may or may not be true.


Rookie Expediter
I know a company in Maryland looking. The guys name is TOM But I think he has a white glove truck available so you would have to have hazmat and tanker but he is a good guy . I can try and find his number if you want