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I kind of knew that menfioning my running model will get some people started on multi failures and other bad things.
I kind of started writing here, 'caused I like controversy.
I've stated a reason above, why I had to switch to what I am doing now, and I like it. Others like different ways, and I respect their choices.
Hoping nobody's feelings got hurt in this experiment


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Not the "waiting list"
They are telling you already who the boss will be in that relationship
If you don't behave, we have a list.
Do agree on the costs based on volume though.
Not my experience at all. Sometimes I wonder if people that worry about who's in charge might not be predispositioned with that mindset. I've worked for big and small the only thing that concerned me was profit.
That would be the right answer. All of the other fluff has little value if there is little to no revenue.
I just follow the numbers and the results. No need to complicate the simple.
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most carries all they want is load covered , they don't care who covers it
really don't care if you make money or not
they own no equipment, as long as they make money for stockholders that is all that's matters when you learn that things will be come easier ,
learn the system of what ever company you work for or with
once you learn that things will be better
be one they come to for solution, and not the problem
these are thing l learn over the years
it is the end of month firgure that matters
it is a game , you just have to learn how to play
know when to push for more money, and when to hold
but work con on every dispatcher so they think you are the greatest
ceva is one of expections they care about there people