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Ahhh-gust 2018 Locations & More


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Yesterday we got slammed with work!

Two back to back Chicago to Oklahoma City trips 12 hours apart. An early Airport (ORD) to Milwaukee. A small box to Mandan, ND. And a small box to Pine Bluff, AR.

My contractors did a phenomenal job knocking it out of the park on each rush/expedite trip. All were delivered promptly and safely. Thank you again for the great job you guys did! Get some rest and drive safely.

And this goes out to all you drivers running Expedite whether it’s for our company or any other carrier out there!

You guys are the backbone of our American economy. Thank you and God Bless.

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MT at the J in Haw River, NC. Dropped a load from Edger, WI yesterday. No load offers and more then a few vans in the area.
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Still in Phoenix

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Now in Albuquerque. Still on heavy duty ramen noodles.

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire ...

Case in point .... Phoenix to Albuquerque?
Not me, nope ...
Phoenix to ABQ gets DH to ELP in my book. Too expensive, that's fine let the next guy get it. I'm either gonna wind up in ELP or I'll hedge my bets in Phoenix ...