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ABF Moving and Panther to consolidate

MB driving

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No mention on whether they are keeping the Panther name. I just hope they don't expect us to haul household goods between residences.


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This move appears to streamline operations by eliminating redundancy and head count. Despite the corporate mumbo jumbo about what the customers want, the key words are greater shareholder value. Consolidating ABF Logistics, ABF Moving and Panther Logistics into one business unit also makes it easier to sell should they need to separate and sell either the LTL or this new division.

“Quite simply, our customers are asking for integrated solutions from us and easier access to them. Based on that feedback and our own market research, we feel confident that this is a significant step toward delivering best-in-class customer experience and greater shareholder value,” McReynolds said in a Thursday morning conference call with investment analysts who follow the publicly held company.
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